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Well the last time I wrote here, we were about to move to Ohio. Fast forward a few months and we are here in OH. We LOVE it. It is so green, so rainy, and so beautiful. I shall attempt at some point to get some photos of the gorgeous neighborhood and someday our house once we settle in a bit more.

One thing my husband and I have been working on is our LabelCrafter website (! LabelCrafter is a super easy to use website that enables the user to design and print custom labels in any size, font or shape. You can make and print to yours hearts desire and best of all it is cheaper than a venti coffee at $4.49 a month.

The whole site came about because I really love to label. I mean I label everything. Toys. Linen closet. Fridge. Gifts. Magazines.  You name it and I will find a way to organize and incorporate a pretty little label. The problem was that I am NOT good at photoshop or excel. So making my own labels took forever (read: could never do it). Then I would scour Pinterest looking for free printables but chances are they weren’t in my color scheme or were the wrong size and the text I wanted was rarely already done.

I complained to my software hubby that I wished there was a site that could let me design and print labels all by myself really quickly when I got a labeling itch. A little bit of research, brainstorming and a lot of work and Label Crafter was born! I hope you check it out and try the free demo. We are pretty excited about it and have lots of plans for future additions.

Now off to labeling our new home!

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Our Dining Area

I love doing little vignettes all throughout the house for Christmas! For several years now I have stocked the after Christmas specials at Target, Pottery Barn and Hobby Lobby. I now have a pretty decent collection of quality Christmas wreaths, holly, and Mercury glass. To me the vignettes just seems to light up the room and add warmth.

IMG_4718 IMG_4717 IMG_4719 IMG_4715 IMG_4712 IMG_4711 IMG_4710 IMG_4709

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